Glow in the Dark Floor Sign

Introducing our Glow in the Dark Safety Circular Floor This Way Sign, a reliable and sustainable solution for guiding the way in low-light environments. These signs are designed to provide clear directional cues with features like:

✔ Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
✔ Visible for 8-10 Hours in Darkness
✔ No electricity or batteries needed

Our Glow in the Dark floor dots are constructed from stainless steel and utilize photoluminescent technology, allowing them to store and emit light. They charge up with sunlight, electrical sources, or UV light and release the stored energy by gently glowing in the dark. Just a 10-minute charge can illuminate these signs, with the brightest glow occurring for the first 60 minutes, followed by sustained visibility for 8-10 hours in darkness.

These versatile glow-in-the-dark signs can be applied to any flat surface, including floors, walls, or doors, making them suitable for various settings such as Clubs, Pubs, Shopping Centers, Offices, Buildings, Factories, and more. Since they don't rely on electricity, they can be placed in any desired location, providing a sustainable and dependable alternative to traditional LED signs. Illuminate your path and improve safety with our Glow in the Dark Safety Circular Floor This Way Sign today.