Directional Hanging

Looking for an effective way to successfully show your customers around the store, restaurant, or any other business space? You will absolutely adore our Directional Hanging kits!

Display Me offers a variety of Magsmart Hanging Kits available in three different sizes – A3, A4, and A5. These hold a single sign in a landscape format and are therefore ideal for directional signage that can help your customers quickly find their way around your store, restaurant, or any other business space. Each of these Magsmart Hanging Kits includes a steel cable kit, connectors and fixings, and an acrylic landscape pocket with a sealed bottom part. The cables need to be screwed to the ceiling and these are made from steel with a Silver Satin Finish. Make sure to provide the screws as these aren’t included in the kit.


A4 Magsmart Hanging Kit

A4 Magsmart Hanging Kit


$40.00 ($44.00 Incl. GST)