Combo Pole

If you are in need of simple yet quite elegant display materials that will last you for years, Display Me has everything you need to take your advertising game to a new level! Our Combo Poles are exactly what you should have in your gallery, café, restaurant, retail store, or any other business setting that is constantly in touch with a large number of customers. Just check out our online shop and you will see that there are two available heights – 1450mm and 1800mm. What makes these poles so special is that they come with an extremely heavy base which gives them extra stability. The base also features a rubber surface on its bottom part which will prevent your floors from getting scratched. The majority of our snap frames, suggestion boxes, and brochure holders can be mounted on this pole, so you can basically match it with any other product you want.This freestanding poster sign or floor sign or is a great promotional stand.


Why Display Me?

We have been building our reputation as Australia’s most renowned online provider of display materials, which is exactly why over 15,000 customers have picked exactly our products over the last ten years. Don’t wait any longer, check out our website, and order your Combo Poles right now.

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