Freestanding Brochure Stand

Do you want to find an innovative way to display your brand new brochures, but nothing really comes to your mind? Well, we have a solution to your problem, and it is called a Freestanding Brochure Stand !

Our floor standing brochure stands, leaflet stands, carousel brochure stands , lobby brochure stands and portable brochure stands are designed with your needs in mind, as they are very easy to assemble and move around. You must know that these are available in several different models, one of which is a double-sided freestanding stand with a poster display and brochure holder that is quite practical for venues like shopping malls or department stores. There are also portable expendable brochure holders that are ideal for events like conventions or trade stores.

Why Display Me?

Did you know that Display Me is Australia’s most renowned provider of info stands, which has been operating for almost ten years now? A decade of experience has been complemented by over fifteen thousand content customers, which is a good enough reason to opt for our products today!

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us right away – either online or over the phone, and order your Freestanding Brochure Stands now!
























































































































































































































































































































Stainless Steel Carousel Holds 18 A5

Stainless Steel Carousel Holds 18 A5


$310.00 ($341.00 Incl. GST)