Glow in the Dark Safety Circular Floor This Way Sign

✔ Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
✔ Visible for 8-10 Hours in Darkness
✔ No electricity or batteries needed 
These Glow in the dark floor dots stainless steel Photoluminescent stainless steel signs are stainless steel signs that have the capacity to store and emit light. They load up with light (sun, electrical, UV) and release the stored energy slowly by glowing in the dark.
Just 10 minuites of charge will luminate the signs where it will glow brightest for the first 60 minutes, and then slightly fade to remain visible for 8-10 hours in darkness. 
These glow in the dark signs an be applied to any flat surface, such as floors, walls, or doors. Since it does not rely on power, it can be placed in any desired location and is a more sustainable and reliable solution than an LED sign. Can be used in Clubs, Pubs, Shopping Centers, Offices, Buildings, Factories, etc.



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