Tall Info Stand

Are you in need of a brand new info stand for your company space? If the answer is yes, you should know that Display Me offers the widest range of fantastic Tall Info Stands in the Australian market!

Our info stands are available in two versions – single-sided and double-sided, and no matter which one you go for, their height is universal – 1800mm. We are proud to say that our info stands feature either a quality snap frame or a cool felt board, so bear these two options in mind before you make a final decision. You should also know that some models are also available with a brochure holder, which is perfect for presenting your promotional materials. The frame is made of steel and is therefore extremely sturdy, which makes this product more than perfect for indoor spaces like shopping malls or department stores, sporting venues,hospitals and libraries.


Why Display Me?

Did you know that Display Me is Australia’s most renowned provider of info stands, which has been operating for almost ten years now? A decade of experience has been complemented by over fifteen thousand content customers, which is a good enough reason to opt for our products today!

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us right away – either online or over the phone, and order your Tall Info Stands now!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Tall Info Stand - 1 Felt Board

Tall Info Stand - 1 Felt Board


$465.00 ($511.50 Incl. GST)