DL Pokie Talker LEFT

These DL Pokie talkers are a stylish double sided pokie machine display that are designed to be attached to the left of the pokie machines.
This unit has a unique design that completely seals the bottom of the sign display to prevent the insert from falling out.
They are attached with industrial grade double sided tape that is provided with the unit. This high quality unit is durable and has finger slip for easy replacement of insert.  
They are also know as edge mounted sigh holders or machine talkers.
They are ideal way to place advertisements, promotions and infomation on the side of the pokie machine for a modern, smart and professional look in your club.
Please Note: Affixing to the left hand side of the machine (looking at the machine front on) the talkers catch the attention of the player.
  • Easily Fixes to a pokie machine
  • Holds a DL Sign Portrait.
  • Attached using Double Sided Tape (included)
  • Finger slip for easy poster change
  • Poster size: DL 99 X 210 mm.


  • 1 mm thick acrylic.
  • Bottom Completely sealed



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