POS Stand Angled A3 Landscape

This POS Stand is ideal for displaying posters and information in a retail or fast paced environments such as furniture and appliance stores retail stores, supermarkets, department stores, car dealerships, cafes, newsagents, waiting rooms.

These Point of Sale Stands are a great tool to communicate simple but important eye catching information through the large area available on the price ticketing which is available in the following sizes:

A3 - 297 x 420mmm (available in Landscape)

A4 – 210 x 297mmm (available in Landscape)

A5 – 148 x 210mmm

A6 - 105 × 148mmm

A7 - 74 × 105 mm

The poster/Information holder is displayed inside a glass-like high quality 2mm thick folded acrylic giving you the highest visibility when displaying. The posters are easy to change over and no tools are necessary to remove the acrylic from the attachment making changing poster fast and easy.

The acrylic frame is held securely inside an attachment holder that stands on top of a 96cm pole. The 96cm pole consists of 2 48 cm pieces that are screwed together then attached to a super thin round 27cm diameter black base. The super thin base is only 3.5mm thick.

This eye catching POS Stand can be placed on any flat surface without taking up too much space.



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