Hanging Screen Guard 1200x800

Sneeze guards and Protective screen guards help stop the spread of coronavirus by protecting you and the people around you by lowering the risk of infection through airborne droplets.
By reinforcing social distance guidelines in an effort to protect employees in retail stores ensuring the required distance between customers with a transparent screen protecting against infection.
These transparent screen guards are made from 3mm thick Plexiglass which is a high impact very strong acrylic that is far more superior to standard acrylic. This acrylic is also used for making skylights.
Acrylic held in a Aluminum Frame and held up by ceiling cables.
These screen guards are ideal for all areas where strict social distancing between customers and employees is needed like retail outlets, catering industry, grocery stores, pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries and other shops.
Total weight of the product 6kg
Recommended cleaning with soapy water.



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