Ezi Fabric Print with Frame 1600x420mm

These Ezi Fabric Wall Frames are very popular in retail stores as they are visually effective at getting the attention from shoppers and are extremely popular in retail environments. These easy to assemble wall frames display a printed high quality fabric on a modern black frame.

Fabric Frame Silicone Edge Fabric Graphic Systems (SEG)  are easy to change and no tools are required. The fabric has a silicone edge that is sewn around the graphic and the graphic is stretched around and tucked into the channel groove around the edge of the black frame.

The Fabric is light weight and durable and can be easily folded away until it is needed again.  Printed Fabric Replacements are also available for purchase.

These SEG Frames are a cost effective, economic and are great for areas that require frequent signage change and are a cost effective way to displaying your brand or message.

They are available in the following sizes:

Size SKU Printed Fabric Replacement SKU
420 x 420 FF420-420 FFS420-420
594 x 420 FF594-420 FFS594-420
841 x 420 FF841-420 FFS841-420
1189 x 420 FF1189-420 FFS1189-420
1600 x 420 FF1600-420 FFS1600-420
594 x 594 FF594-594 FFS594-594
841 x 594 FF841-594 FFS841-594
1189 x 594 FF1189-594 FFS1189-594
1600 x 594 FF1600-594 FFS1600-594
841 x 841 FF841-841 FFS841-841
1189 x 841 FF1189-841 FFS1189-841
1600 x8 41 FF1600-841 FFS1600-841
1189 x 1189 FF1189-1189 FFS1189-1189
1600 x1189 FF1600-1189 FFS1600-1189

These EZI Fabric Wall Frames include:

Black frame

Full colour printed artwork on fabric

Hanging Bracket

SKU: FF1600-420


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